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Aurora creative studio

We have collaborated with Lize-Marie Dreyer of Aurora Creative Studio on several projects, including Quite Franckly and Greybe Olive Oil.
In fact, she is the brains behind our branding too!

So it only made sense that when she redesigned her own brand, we would be the guys to rebuild her site.

Colourful and quirky, it's the perfect showcase for her prodigious talent.

Phyto Pro

Phyto Pro offers a healthy alternative to animal and Soy based protein, offering Pea Protein Isolate as a cost-effective, alkalising and non-inflammatory, versatile, non-GMO alternative.

We rebuilt their existing e-commerce store, giving it a fresh look and a user-friendly flow, as well as introducing their new Plant Food range, a seed and nut based protein source. 

Pornstar Shotz

Samantha Holt of Quick Brown Fox commissioned us to develop this funky one-page site with an age gate for her client.

Pornstar Shotz is a provocative blend of sweet passion fruit, smooth vanilla cream and zesty citrus.

A modern classic expertly crafted as a shot that’ll take any party to the next level.

Hellenic Fives

Another collaboration with Quick Brown Fox to develop this simple yet surprisingly complex 3-page site as a booking platform for Hellenic's new five a side football club.

Click the image below to see what we mean 😉

Kieron McRae Consulting

Kieron works with business leaders who are prepared to ask for advice and help, who are willing to confront what needs to be done, and who are ready to implement and do what it takes in order to get the results they are looking for.

A professional, classy website for a professional, classy service!


We collaborated with Shift ONE Digital to build the new Rallim School website.

Their approach to education is revolutionary, and they needed a website that could carry that message across.

The results speak for themselves.

De Oliveira Racing

We built this stunning one-pager to showcase Joaquin De Oliveira's awesome racing talent.

A rising star on the karting circuit, we'll be sure to keep an eye on his progress going forward!

Can anyone say Monaco...?

Journey's End

One of Cape Town's premier vineyards, owned by the Gabb family from the UK, Journey's End is a regular client.

We not only developed their website, we built and maintain their online store as well.

If you like wine, Journey's End is a good place to start.

Wertech Washlines
& Parasols

We teamed up with Gino Piagesti, graphic designer extraordinaire, to build his clients new website.

Wertech is one of SA's top producer of Washlines, Parasols, and other outdoor furniture and accessories.

A nice clean and fresh look, kept simple and classy.

48 Gin

This was a collaboration with Quick Brown Fox, and certainly not our first.

48 is not just a number. To the distillers who developed it, recipe 48 represented perfection.

Knowing they had created something exceptional, with its 11 botanicals, this gin could not be contained. It had to be shared.

Evolve Image

Another happy client!
After being ripped off by an unscrupulous would-be web designer, Pam of Evolve approached us to see what we could do.
With a budget in tatters, and nearly 6 months lost, WP WebDev did what we do best.
We killed it!
3 weeks later she had a live website that is totally breathtaking. 

Stud Rugby

Stud Rugby designs custom Rugby kit, as well as Netball, Golf, Football, and everything in between!

Their old WordPress Website was very long in the tooth, and we jumped at the chance at taking their old site and giving it a facelift.

The new site is bright and fun, and perfectly showcases the services they offer.

Quite Franckly

Another project in collaboration with Aurora Creative Studio.

Quite Franckly develops high-end video's and video animations for the likes of DSTV and others.

Most of us will have seen their work on television, and now they have a website to match their extraordinary portfolio!

Irvine Partners

We partnered with Branduo on this unique project.

Irvine Partners is made up of a team of highly professional communication and media specialists who delivers high-value public relations solutions to leading regional and international brands through their varied service offering.

A totally unique design creating a one-of-a-kind website!

Mount Rozier

This was a clean and simple one-page site commissioned by an existing client to showcase their alternative product line.

Beautiful pictures and professional design all adds up to a great user experience!

Valentian Vermouth

We partnered with One Custom to build this stunning website for their Scottish client.

Valentian Vermouth is an innovative range of super-premium vermouths. The audacious flavours of zesty Italian wine, enriched with a strong Scottish malt barley spirit, usually reserved for making single malt whisky.

Atlantic Edge

This was a very detailed build, with a lot of customization involved.

WooCommerce had to be modified to display playable video thumbnails, and we replaced the cart and checkout functionality with an Add To Favourites section.

Visually stunning, and a great user experience all around, this is the kind of website that gets us out of bed in the morning!

Capital Edge

A compact 2-page recruitment website commissioned by an independent agency that needed our web experience to take their bespoke design and turn it into reality for their client.

Bursting with functionality, it performs as good as it looks!

This is what we do

Truck & Plant

We partnered with Sidebar Designs, and the formidable Carli Schoeman, who is responsible for several of the layouts we've built.

A very detailed and complex one-page layout that took a lot of creative thinking to built - we love it!

Truck & Plant offer commercial and fleet insurance for heavy industry.

Greybe Fine
Olive Oils

An absolute visual feast, and a developers dream, the Greybe Olive Oil website is as a bespoke website as one could hope for.

Designed by the formidable Lize-Marie Dreyer of Aurora Creative Studio, this website truly captures the essence of sun drenched fields and Mediterranean sea air!

Wine Exporters

One of Cape Town's premier wine exporters, CWE commissioned us to build their website, showcasing the various wines on offer that they export across the world.

Based in the UK, with a presence in Cape Town, CWE sells the best wines the Cape has to offer to a global market.

Copy Creative

Copy Creative is a Cape Town based copywriting and content writing team with their eye on the prize!

A beautiful, professionally designed website that really stands out from the crowd.

Kate West and her team of creatives were as happy with the end result as we were to receive such a beautiful brief!

Nice job all around!

Hester Ladewig
Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

Hester Ladewig, the owner of Embrace Life, had us redesign her personal website.

Hester is a natural medicine and health practitioner, qualified and registered as a Naturopathic Doctor in Switzerland and Germany and registered as an Ethno-Medical Practitioner in South Africa.

CRO Animal Rescue

Cheryl-Lyn, whom we had donated our time and expertise to previously with her foundation D.A.R.T., approached us as she was starting a new NPO.

Clint Hendriks donated the design & CI, and Digital Content Lab donated all Social Media and Marketing.

A great website for a great cause!


Another collaboration with Lize-Marie Dreyer of Aurora Creative Studio.

As usual, a breathtaking design, and a wonderful challenge to build!

EXAH specialise in redesigning business processes and methodologies that aren’t best practice in their current rendition, before cementing them in new systems and methodologies on the Salesforce Platform.

Networking Solutions

Niel and Patrick of TransmIT Networking Solutions approached us for a one-page site for their new business venture.

With over 20 years in the industry, Niel and Patrick specialize in IT networking, cabling, wireless hot-spots, and everything in between.

We wish them all the greatest success for the future!

Embrace Life
Products for a Healthy Lifestyle

This was a full site rebuild, but briefed to keep the existing database intact.

We cloned the existing site onto a dev platform, installed new themes and plugins, and overhauled the entire site.

An amazing client, and a positive and healthy product range - a win/win for all involved.

Identity wines

Another website for the guys at Journey's End Vineyards.

A slick one-pager with some really funky animations on the main image.

Identity Wines are all about giving back to nature and the community, and being true to themselves.


Andy from Dampability approached us for a website to showcase his unique 10-year-warranty rising damp solutions from Europe.

Nobody else in the industry offers this kind of service, which makes Dampability one-of-a-kind!

Check them out for all your damp proofing solutions!

Conradie Attorneys

Another collaboration with Shift ONE Digital - Conradie Attorney's are a Worcester based firm that specialises in commercial, property, family, municipal and agricultural law.

A beautiful, detailed, and deep-diving website that covers all the bases and showcases their broad offering.